500ml & 1,000ml bottles

The use of Gemthepax during the year is strongly recommend, especially during breeding and racing. it has been specially developed and carefully controlled to have a specific positive effect on the beneficial gut micro flora by providing essential nutrients in a highly bioavailable form. Independent studies carried out in several laboratories (including the world famous 'Institute de Pasteur in Paris') have shown that gemthepax is able to stimulate these beneficial species. Other independent studies carried out show that Gemthepax can stimulate and protect the beneficial gut cro-flora even during antibiotic therapy. Always use GEMTHEPAX if ever the loft requires the use of antibiotics. GEMTHEPAX is produced using a patented process to ensure a consistent product with high Bioactivity Coefficient. It is also backed by a extensive European research program. It can be seen therefore that the pedigree of GEMTHEPAX is second to none, but we all know that pedigrees are only pieces of paper. So what can you the fancier expect from using GEMTHEPAX ?

BREEDING:-         You will rear better youngsters when they are raised on GEMTHEPAX. The robustness and feather quality of Y.B.'s on weaning has to be seen to be appreciated. You will see the difference around the nest bowl, the quality of the droppings tells you that the birds are doing well. The parents show no stress from rearing, they are full of health and vigour. Very important for stock birds if you want to raise more than a couple of rounds. When weaning youngsters always put them on GEMTHEPAX for the first few days in the new loft. The stress of leaving their parents, being handled and put into a new section can more often than not send them backwards so the use of GEMTHEPAX is recommended at this time.

RACING:-         We firmly believe that using GEMTHEPAX during racing will give your birds the edge needed to reach the top. There are no magic potions that win races - you need good pigeons and good management first, and that's up to you the fancier. If you have these two qualities then the use of GEMTHEPAX will give you those extra yards that are the difference between being first and last. Use at the rate of 5ml per litre of drinking water 3/4 times a week during both racing and breeding. The rest of the year twice per week to keep the birds in top condition.

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YOU ONLY HAVE TO USE STRIKE ONCE TO SEE ITS EFFECT.     Strike has been the number 1 trouble shooter in thousands of lofts world wide for over a decade and has been one of the best selling products in the UK during this time. It has with out doubt stood the test of time.
However science moves on and so does our knowledge of our pigeons and we are now proud to introduce Strike II

You only have to use Strike II once to see it’s effects. It’s not an antibiotic but a unique combination of natural plant derived sulphur containing compounds and avian specific lactic acid bacteria. The bugs in Strike are avian specific and have been selected on their ability to colonise the intestinal tissues of pigeons. The other component, Allicin was shown to be effective against a whole range of bad bacteria by amongst others ‘an independent trial at the Porton Down Research Establishment’.

We have now added a prebiotic, natural sugars called Fructooligosaccharides. These sugars are resistant to digestion by the bird but are used exclusively by specific probiotic organisms (those included in Strike II ) allowing them to compete with and thereby excluding disease-producing bacteria in the intestines. Research has shown that these sugars can improve the probiotic effect within the birds gut by 2-4 times.
We have also added the very important amino acid L-Glutamine a major source of cell energy; it carries nitrogen in body tissues. It also helps preserve muscle mass during trauma. In addition Glutamine stimulates the immune system and promotes maintenance and repair of the gastro-intestinal tract.

When would you as a pigeon fancier use Strike II ? Weekly at least once or twice to keep the pigeons gut in optimal condition. If the birds droppings become loose, which all lofts suffer from at various times of the year, usually when the birds are under some kind of stress. Breeding, ill health and of course racing are some of the times stress can become a real problem. During this time Strike II comes into play. At the first sign of problems reach for Strike II.

If a loft has problems and antibiotics are/have been used (always use Gemthepax at the same time)
Give the birds 3– 4 days on Strike II to help reseed the gut. This ensures that the bad bugs don’t get a chance to establish themselves. Strike II should be used every time the birds come back from a race, this is important because birds can often bring problems back as they have come into close contact with other birds, Remember the old saying ‘ You are only as clean as your dirtiest club member’. How very true that saying is, fanciers should be on their guard in this day and age as there is so much disease around, especially with Young Birds.

Pot sizes:- 500g - 200g - 100g



Trikanox represents a significant step forward in pigeon healthcare and provides fanciers with a totally natural product containing three powerful active ingredients which work together to boost the pigeons defences against diseases. Two of these properties have been shown by independent research to exhibit anti-protozoal and anti fungal properties.

Active Component 1 - Mixed Alkaloids

The first component of TRIKANOX is a mixture of plant Alkaloids with the dominant one being Berberine, which has been scientifically proven to have extensive activity in preventing the growth of many micro-organisms including protozoa such as Trichomonas.

Active Component 2 - Allicin

The second active component of TRIKANOX is allicin. This non antibiotic sulphur containing plant ingredient is now recognised as having a dramatic inhibitory effect on a wide range of micro-organisms including protozoa.

Active Component 3 - Echinacosides

The plant family Echinacea has long been associated with beneficial effects on the immune system. Scientific evidence is now showing that certain components within the plant are largely responsible for these effects. The end result is that the Echinacosides can boost the pigeons normal defence mechanisms.

100g & 200g pots



Flight Fuel is unique in providing the most important multiple co-factors which are essential to the maximum release of sustained power in the racing pigeon.   FLIGHT FUEL contains five essential co-factors to the "energy pathway". Each of these act almost like "spark plugs" along the energy chain, ensuring it keeps moving at an optimum rate.It would be very often pointless to try to improve energy efficiency and hence performance by targeting one particular point in the chain, as all that will happen is that an additional deficiency somewhere else in the chain will then become the limiting factor.

FLIGHT FUEL targets all major points along the energy chain

150g & 300g pots



A UNIQUE TRIPLE ACTION PRODUCT - Beta 1,3 Glucans are specific factors which help support the immune system of the racing pigeon. In addition Progem contains Elderberry, Propolis and Allicin all of which help ward off disease challenges which can occur in the most hygienic conditions.

A Complete spectrum of amino acids that are a rich source of B vitamins required by racing Pigeons to maximise performance with Fructooligosaccharides natural sugars that feed the ‘good bacteria’ in the birds gut, but are not readily available for the bad bugs.

Progem is designed to either be fed on the corn, or can be used in the drinkers. Simply sprinkle I scoop over 1 kilo of damped corn, or scoop into 2 litres of water.

Strongly recommended after any treatments given to birds

Use twice per week for race team, especially YB’s were the stress of training and racing can quickly bring on YB sickness if the fancier is not observant.

Try Progem for three days and see the difference it makes to the droppings.

200g pot



A powerful high energy tonic containing a complex mix of absorbable iodine's, active iron, cobalt, sodium molybdate and pure Vitamin B12. all carried on a high energy base.

Impact helps:

* Natural resistance

* Thyroid gland function

* Stimulates metabolism

* Purges the blood

* Produces pink clean skin

* Birds seem to blow up

We recommend that fanciers use IMPACT twice a week during racing and three days a week to birds that are about to be paired up. Use at least once once a week in the stock loft throughout the year.

250ml bottle size



Twice the Calorific value of Glucose/Carbohydrates due to having a mixture of coconut and palm kernel oils that have been extra refined and purified.

It is a clear oily fat with little odour or taste and fortified with vitamin E to ensure maximum anti-oxidant effects.

This unique mixture of fatty acids ensures quick metabolism (used efficiently by the body of the bird),which means there is a reduced amount of fat deposited and it has a calorific value of 8Kcal/ compared to glucose/carbohydrates which have 4Kcal/g.

Energy Oil also has different absorption and metabolism properties so as not to interfere with glucose/carbohydrate or other fat metabolisms, unlike other fats and Oils.

Gem Energy Oil is more readily digested, absorbed and metabolised and is instantly available for the bird when there is a need for large amounts of energy during racing, breeding and recuperation.

Simply mix 3ml per kg of corn 3 times per week.

300ml bottle



Gardex has been developed by Gem Supplements in collaboration with some of Europe's leading researchers on garlic. The following have been reported in scientific literature as the major properties of garlic.

* Anti microbial activity

* Detoxification and anti antidioxodent activity

* Reduction of serum lipids

* Blood thinning or anti - coagulant activity

Of these the most important to the pigeon fancier are the antimicrobial, detoxification, and blood thinning activities, as these will have the effect of enhancing performances from pigeons. gardex also contains added Vitamin C to boost overall conditioning of the birds.

Simply add to drinking water

200g pots



A combination of top class vitamins, minerals, amino acids and electrolytes in a water soluble form, all of which are essential for birds throughout the year, especially during periods of racing and ill health.

Simple to use just add one scoop to each litre of the birds drinking water once or twice per week, or for three days after an illness.

100g tubs



A highly effective and bioavailable liquid supplement which helps balance the body electrolytes (salts) in the pigeons.

Body salts are essential to help maintain and replace lost body fluids, especially during hot weather and racing.  Electro - B also contains B group Vitamins which are required for growth, metabolism, skin, blood (anti body production) digestion and the nervous system.  Strongly recommended during the racing season, especially when the weather is hot.  Young birds are prone to get over excited and can quickly become dehydrated.  Also use when birds are experiencing loose or wet droppings.

Use 5ml per 2.5 litres of water

200ml bottle size



Designed for those fanciers who prefer to give Garlic as an oil on the food. Simply add approximately 15 drops onto 1kg of corn and mix.

200ml bottles



A Natural Water Sanitiser that is based on a specific blend of organic acids which decontaminates drinking water. It protects the water from yeast's, viruses, bacteria and fungi, and unlike chemical sanitisers which birds shy away from because of the smell and taste, our product actually makes the water more palatable to the bird so they readily accept it in the drinkers.

500ml bottles



A Complete Natural Product Designed To Assist in the Relief of Respiratory Problems

Helps maintain nasal passages and airways free from problems and allows birds to perform to their natural ability.

White horehound, Elecampane root, Pleurisy root, Vitamin B12 & Grape Seed Extract.

(Tip, try Breath-ezz on the corn, two teaspoons per kilo of food & see down feathers and droppings next morning—Superb ! )

300ml bottles



A blend of two Natural and Powerful Conditioning Oils for pigeons which cleanse and replenish the birds gut and help strengthen the immune system and are natural antibiotics.

They are both anti-microbial, antiseptic, antiviral and are known to have a positive effect against Candida Albicans (yeast infections).

500ml bottles



To breed quality young birds we recommend the following programme.  It has produced excellent breeding results for many thousands of fanciers world-wide, so we have no hesitation in advising our customers of its merits.   On this programme week one is two weeks before birds are paired up.

Week   1   TRIKANOX for 5/7 days
               ( Canker/coccidiosis etc are one of the main
                reasons for poor breeding results )

Week   2   IMPACT for 3 Days
                  GEMTHEPAX for 2 Days
                  STRIKE Sunday

Week   3   GEMTHEPAX for 3 Days
                  week of pairing   IMPACT for 1 Day
                  STRIKE Sunday

Week   4   IMPACT 2 Days
                  Hens lay GEMTHEPAX for 2 Days
                  STRIKE Sunday

Week   5   GEMTHEPAX for 3 Days
                  Sitting GARDEX 1 Day
                  STRIKE Sunday

Week   6   GEMTHEPAX for 2 Days
                  GARDEX 1 Day
                  STRIKE Sunday

Week   7   GEMTHEPAX 4 Days per week ( This is important!
                  you will see why on weaning )
                  STRIKE Sunday   ( Continue week 7 until you wean Y.B.s)



Sunday          STRIKE
Wednesday   IMPACT in Drinker GEMTHEPAX FLIGHT FUEL on corn main meal
Thursday        IMPACT in Drinker
Friday             Clear water (ELECTRO-B if weather is hot)
Saturday         ELECTRO-B (If Birds have had a hard race GEMTHEPAX
                                                on first feed)

Give race team TRIKANOX for 3 consecutive days once per month


We suggest the following routine
TRIKANOX for 5 consecutive days. Then following month and each month after
give Y.B.'s 3 consecutive days on TRIKANOX
GARDEX Once per week
GEMTHEPAX Twice per week
STRIKE Every Sunday